Project Goal - 25 books translated into all 30-language zones in Europe. These books would be used in Training Centers, Churches and they would go where we may never be invited, into people’s homes.  These are faith-building books that we believe can help change a person, a family, a city, a nation and a continent in connection with all the other projects.

Project Term - End date of 2025 latest.

To Date - With a total of 750 Titles (25x30), 291 are complete. We work with a team all over Europe, have annual meetings and continue to look at new publication and distribution possibilities.

Comments -  The biggest obstacle in this project is money.  Book translation, publication etc. is a time consuming and sometimes tedious work but necessary to complete. This project was started over 25 years ago but wasn't really a project.  In 2010 we decided to spearhead this and turn it into a project so we would have the material for the Training Center Students as we expanded, Church congregations and the public.

Financial information available