There are so many good Christian ministries to support.

Why Rhema Germany?

All our work focuses on investing in people who in turn will invest their time and effort where God has placed them.

Through our church network, pastors are strengthened who in turn will equip and train their church members.

Through your support you are investing in people who will multiply themselves and, in that way, play an important role to effectively build the Kingdom of God.

Our mission

Establish the “Saved”  —   Train the “Established”  —  Position the “Trained” 

Your part – how can you help?

By supporting your employees who are involved in Bible school.  —  Financial support  —  Non-financial donations

It will pay off Why?

One thing we know is that God will turn every blessing that we pass on into a blessing for us.

What entrepreneur doesn’t want to have loyal employees?

Our Bible school students are taught sound biblical truths regarding dealing with superiors and a responsible attitude towards their work.

Mature individuals

Rhema Bible Training Center is not a theological university. Our emphasis is not just on students accumulating knowledge, but that the students are able to apply what they learn in their daily lives. This is challenging for every student and gives them the opportunity to mature.

These and many other aspects show that through partnering with Rhema Germany individuals as well as companies have the chance to play a vital role in this important mandate of God:

Your partnership

Do you want to become a partner with Rhema Germany? Do you have questions and you need answers and/or clarification?

We would love to talk about your questions and discuss the possibilities in a personal call. We are looking forward to your call or email.

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Companies who are already supporting us