The Rhema Church Network is committed to developing leaders and churches and helping them to grow. At our events you will be encouraged and refreshed in your personal walk with God, grow in your relationships with others and grow as a leader. Make sure to stay informed of upcoming dates and make plans to attend. We want to see you there!

Here you can find information about upcoming training events and register for them!

 Meetings for Pastors and Leaders 
We love pastors and leaders! We know the challenges of working in the ministry and we want to do all that we can to help leaders be as capable and energized as they can possibly be. The world we live in is constantly changing. For this reason it’s important for us to keep learning. In order to continue learning and growing as leaders, we offer various seminars on topics relevant to leaders. Attending these seminars will help you to “sharpen your axe” – allowing you to work more effectively, and better enjoy what God has called you to do.

 RHEMA Friends Meetings 
Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. It is wise to take a step back from time to time to get a better perspective. This also allows you to catch your breath and get refreshed and strengthened for the challenges ahead. Our meetings for pastors and leaders serve this purpose. They allow us to step away from our own situation and be refreshed through fellowship with others dealing with similar challenges. We believe that these times are crucial to our health as individuals and to our success in ministry. For this reason, we are committed to holding regular meetings and we encourage as many leaders as possible to attend.

 RHEMA Friends National Meeting 

 RHEMA Friends Regional Meetings - Region North 
Wednesday March 6th, 2024
Wednesday July 3rd, 2024
Wednesday November 6th, 2024

 RHEMA Friends Regional Meetings - Region NRW 
Saturday March  23rd, 2024
Saturday June 29th, 2024
Saturday September 28th, 2024
Saturday December 7th, 2024

 RHEMA Friends Regional Meetings - Region South 
Thursday March 14th, 2024
Thursday May 16th, 2024

Thursday September 12th, 2024
Thursday December 5th, 2024

 Church Planting Training
Our God is a great God - and we are not the only ones who plan and support church plantings.There are a lot of great organizations and initiatives on a national and international level who are dealing with church planting and offer resources. Out of a variety we chose to partner with “Dynamic Church Planting International” (DCPI). The vision of DCPI is to plant five million new local churches worldwide.

As certified trainers with DCPI, and through our partnership with them, we offer three training seminars regarding church planting. Each seminar has a different focus and offers leaders further insights into effective church planting over the long-term.

For further information about the offered seminars, please go to this website: