Rhema Germany is located in Bonn, a city situated on the left bank of the Rhine River, 35 kilometers south of Cologne. To the south lay the scenic seven mountains (Siebengebirge). Nearly 2000 years ago the city was founded by the Romans. According to tradition, in the early 400s Bonn became the center of missionary work and worship.

Today the former capital city of West Germany is known as an educational center and has a broad variety of cultural activities. Many beautiful parks and a good infrastructure provide a pleasant atmosphere.

 Housing in Bonn 
The rent in Bad Godesberg and the surrounding area is approximately 10-12 Euro/m2 warm (inclusive).

Plittersdorf, Rüngsdorf, Schweinheim, Muffendorf, Lannesdorf, Pennenfeld, Heiderhof and Mehlem are all good areas of Bonn to live in, because they are easily accessible with public transportation from the present location of RBTZ. Nearby villages like Berkum, Niederbachem, Meckenheim, Villip, Villiprott are also good places to live, if you will not be depending on public transportation.

The following newspapers are helpful when looking for apartments in Bonn and the surrounding area:

  • “General-Anzeiger“: The Wednesday and Saturday editions.
  • “Annonce“: The Monday, Wednesday and Friday editions.

In case of questions regarding the city of Bonn you can contact at: +49(0)228.770

If you want to know about the culture and sights of Bonn you can visit the official web page for Bonn:
Bonn Tourism

Bonn offers a variety of leisure time activities, such as sports, cinemas, open-air events etc. You can find out more about at www.bonn.de. This web site is available in both English and German.