Your gifts meet the needs of the Lord’s people. And that’s not all.
Your gifts also cause many people to thank God.
2 Corinthians 9,12 NIRV

Jesus spoke a lot about finances because this is an important topic for us as Christians. Finances are necessary to effectively build God’s Kingdom. In 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 we can see what our heart attitude concerning giving should be.

We have the opportunity to give with the perspective that our giving will go a long way in the Kingdom of God and it will glorify God.

Your investment into the future

Your financial support will help to fulfill God’s mandate. Your financial support of Rhema will give many people the opportunity to be trained in God’s Word. They will learn how to apply God’s Word in their daily lives. By this, faith will not remain just a word, but it will become an act.

Your support helps

Your support helps so that people can be trained and that their lives will be a living testimony in their workplace.

Your support helps so that families live according of God’s Word and experience His fullness.

Your support helps so that church members can share biblical truths in a knowledgeable and authentic way where God has placed them: in children’s ministry, youth ministry, Welcome team, technical areas, etc.

Your support helps so that people can be trained for full-time ministry as Pastors, missionaries, evangelists, etc.

Can you start to see how big of a difference a living and good training in God’s Word will make in the lives of many people?

Your support helps - an investment into the future

For what?

In order for the work of Rhema Germany to be most effective, finances are needed.

For one thing, there are monthly fixed costs like rent (office and church facilities), salaries, administrative expenses, etc.

There are also additional costs for events. Through our semi-annual newsletter you will be updated about all the wonderful things that have been done with the help of your support.


Regular Giving

In order to maximize what has been done so far, and being able to start new things, e.g. the opening of new campuses we need more resources.

Responsible handling of finances, planning ahead, going forward in faith – all of these are important to us. The more resources are available, the better and more accurately we can plan and go forward.

By your regular support you have a major part in making all this possible.

One Time Giving

Do you want to support Rhema with a one-time gift? We are excited about this very valuable area of the support of this ministry! If you would like to receive a receipt for your giving - we will gladly send you one. Please mention it on your bank transfer together with your postal address.

Or bank transfer:

Rhema Germany e.V.
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